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The results of the Talty Family Roots Project can be found in a book which will be available for delivery after the 1st of August. Printing of the book will be based on pre orders. Proceeds of the book go to printing costs and also to fund some of the activities of the Talty Coming Home to Clare event in County Clare 2017. Sales of this book are vital to the successful operation of this project finale. Please let your relatives know about this book as it will be a one off family heirloom for future generations.

Go Fund me Project

This project is set up to raise funds for the Talty Coming home to Clare event. Rewards of a copy of the book covering the results of the Talty family roots project are available to people who pledge money. Thank you for your support.

Go Fund Me

Contents of Book


Methodologies of project

1901-1911 census

Distribution of Name from 1700’s

DNA Project results - medieval and ancient ancestors

Taltys USA

Taltys Australia

Taltys New Zealand

Other Countries

War Records

Taltys of note


Talty Family Roots Project

Results and Findings

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