Talty Roots Project

 Single Family Genealogical Study


“Do you have a Talty ancestor, and would like to find family records, or find out where the family

originated? Together we can find the answers”

Project based in Co. Clare Ireland

How to access records - below are 2 videos on how to register as a user on the database

If you do not find your ancestor, please email so that we can see if a record has been omitted or if geographical areas have not been covered.

We hope this helps

Sharing information

Sharing information between users will help everyone enormously. This information, when fully entered, will allow the user to print up a full ancestor and descendents report.

Please be patient while we build the database and feel free to send comments and like and dislikes as this will help everyone.


Points to note when using the database

  1. The birth records of Talty families from Clare are currently being entered so the person you are searching for may not be entered yet.

  1. Birth dates of parents or marriage dates when unknown are approx.

  1. Death records and emigration records will be input as they become available.

  1. Temporary privileges can be assigned to users to add records or data if required.

  1. Based on local knowledge, links will be made between families to show ancestry and descendants where possible.
How to access records Finding family members

This button is the link to the online Talty Database

Other Resources which may help researchers


Australian War Memorials

Australian Obituaries

Australian Death Records

Australian Passenger lists

Any information which could be added to these lists would be most welcome Records will be added as they are compiled





1 Names are entered as they appear on the baptismal records. Please note that Bridgid is recorded as Brid in 90% of cases

Bridget was also the baptismal name for many called Delia.

2 Shortened versions of name may also be used in the database such as Pat for Patrick or Tom  for Thomas if they were recorded this way in the records.

3. Maps are provided on the Clare Locations Page to help identify the townland location of entries.

4. The surnames like O’ Brien are entered as indicated here.

5. Names like Thady may be used for Thadeus, or Timothy.

6.Sinon was a common name in the Talty family and has often been miswritten in records as Simon, in some cases.

American Death Records

American Passenger lists

American Death Records

American War Memorials

English Obituaries

English Death Records

Englsh Passenger lists

Talty Records