Talty Roots Project

 Single Family Genealogical Study


“Do you have a Talty ancestor, and would like to find family records, or find out where the family

originated? Together we can find the answers”

Project based in Co. Clare Ireland

Matches: These are genetic cousins who share the same direct paternal line. You will have access to your matches’ e-mail addresses and genealogical information they have provided. You can begin exchanging information as soon as your results arrive!*

Ancestral Origins :Your matches’ paternal origins, listed by country, provide clues to your own recent geographic and ethnic ancestry.*

Predicted Haplogroup: This is your predicted place on the paternal genetic tree of humankind.

Migration Map & Frequency Map: Interactive maps detail the ancient migrations of your paternal ancestors and the distribution of your haplogroup from more recent times.

Y-DNA Certificate This is a printable certificate that includes your name and your marker (STR) values.

Updates: As our database grows, you will receive notifications about new matches. There are no subscription fees for this service!

What do tests do?

Male Talty family members can submit their names to Brid Talty if they are interested in doing the YDNA testing.

Family tree DNA charge $119 for these kits and tests. The standard YDNA test being done by Talty males is the Y-DNA37 Kitt.

One family male from each line is all that is required and in order to avoid un necessary expense and duplication, Brid will coordinate the test requirements for each line or branch of the family.

1. Use the database to find your original family and the group to whom you belong.

2. See if others from this group have been tested.

3. If not, and you wish to volunteer  contact Brid

Where are you from?

Talty YDNA Project and Kits

The Talty name came into being around 1600 in Co Clare , Ireland

The forerunners of the Talty name originated in Co. Cavan as part of the O’ Reilly  Clan

YDNA testing through familytreedna.com  connects  individuals with genetic cousins and uncover the deep ancestral origin of your direct paternal line (your father, your father’s father, etc.) though Y-DNA testing. This is available for males only. Only one male from any family group where there is shared ancestry is required to take the test. For example, if there are many males who know for sure that they were the birth children of a common grandfather, only one male from this group need take the test. There is no point in multiple males from the same family retaking the test.

Family lines which originate in Co Clare  Ireland

Group 1 : -Kilfarboy Parish

                          - Glendine South - Sean Talty (Kit ordered)

                          - Glendine North - No Males remaining

                           - Breaffa - Tracing Male descendants in US and Australia

                          - Milford  - Tracing Male descendants in US and Australia

                          - Toureen - Martin Talty              

                          - Caheruduff- Sinon Talty for one family (Tracing US male descendants for                              another)              

                          - Dunsallagh - As with Caheruduff

Group 2 -Kilmurray Ibrikane Parish

Group 3 - Killard

Group 4 - Kilferagh

Group 5 -Moyarta

Group 6 - Killimer

Group 7 - Kilmihil

Group 8 - Inagh

Group 9 - Kilnamona

Group 10- Kilmaley

Group 11- Ennis

Group 12- Ennistymon/Rineen

Group 13- Kilmacreechy

Group 14 - Dysert

Group 15 - Kilfenora

Group 16 - Kilnaboy

Tests from one male member from each group will help to establish the following - (I) the migration of various Talty males within Co Clare during the 1800’s. (II) Verify trends from collected birth records that all branches of the family seem to have migrated from the area around the Kilfarboy parish in Co Clare and that therefore the likelihood of the Talty name commencing in this area is high.(III) Analysis of all the tested individuals YDNA tests to establish connections to Co. Cavan and the O’ Reilly clan by an experienced bio technologist - Tyrone Bowes. For other information on these types of studies and Tyrone’s work go to the following link

Tyrone’s site

Male volunteers from all these groups are being established and notices will be placed here when one from each group has been tested.

Information on the DNA Project and Kits will be posted here before 25th of December

Theory being tested

YDNA Testing


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