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What is a YDNA Project? Click For presentation

What do test results give?

Matches: These are genetic cousins who share the same direct paternal line. You will have access to your matches’ e-mail addresses and genealogical information they have provided. You can begin exchanging information as soon as your results arrive!

Ancestral Origins :Your matches’ paternal origins, listed by country, provide clues to your own recent geographic and ethnic ancestry.

Predicted Haplogroup: This is your predicted place on the paternal genetic tree of humankind.

Migration Map & Frequency Map: Interactive maps detail the ancient migrations of your paternal ancestors and the distribution of your haplogroup from more recent times.

Y-DNA Certificate This is a printable certificate that includes your name and your marker (STR) values.

Updates: As our database grows, you will receive notifications about new matches. There are no subscription fees for this service!

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