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1. To develop a database of all Talty family members in Co Clare from the 1800's to the 1950’s at least, with free and open access to registered members.

2. To try to identify which Talty members emigrated and to develop a geographical profile of areas in the world where they settled.

3. To provide a forum in which descendants of these emigrants can make contact and add the data of their progenitors in their adopted country.

4. To conduct YDNA tests on one male from each branch in order to establish if the different branches are related and establish the origins of the original Talty male down to town land

6. To test the story which has been handed down through lore that the Talty's were originally O Reilly from Cavan who migrated to Co Clare and that the beginnings of the name commenced Clare in the 1600's

7. Requests have also been made for the provision of a facility for m23DNA testing which will allow for the testing for the genetic predisposition within the family for genetically inherited characteristics



This Project commenced in June 2013

The completion date for the project is August 2017

The project involved collections of parish baptismal records in Ireland.

Collections of records from public bodies.

Collection of records and data fro Talty individuals outside of Ireland.

Collections of all records pertaining to activities of Taltys internationally.

Development of DNA project.

Analysis of Results.

Development of online database.

Organisation of Get together of interested individuals

Publication of book of results.

Administration Contact

The project is currently being administered in Co Clare by Brid Talty. Meetings will be held for interested parties in Co Clare from January onwards and will be posted on this site.


In Australia the project administrator is Michael Talty of Brisbane.

Boathouse at Freigh, Miltown Malbay in the parish of Kilfarboy. The last remaining vestige of a cluster of 21 houses whose occupants all emigrated during the 1800’s