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Neart tri Iarracht

Strength through Perseverance

Talty Family Roots Project

Talty Family Roots Project commenced in June 2013. There are 2 prongs to the project including, the development of a database of Talty individuals, and YDNA project.

The project offered a gathering of Talty individuals in August 2017 in County Clare, Ireland. The gathering was for a duration of one week and offered the participants an opportunity to create links and discover their roots.

The project has clarified a number of questions in relation to the Surname origins, history and branches of the family. After 2017 the database was to be offered to a local library facility for the future. Unfortunately this was something which could not be facilitated.

In place of this, the database will now be managed by an organisation called " Ancestry Clare" which will offer similar database resources for other family names in the Clare area. Access to the database will now command a subscription fee in order to cover costs of running and development.

YDNA Project

FTDNA Talty Project



If anyone has links to their books or project which they would like to post, please send on the details.

Michael Talty from the Talty Winery in Sanoma Valley was a very welcome visitor to Ireland last year. He has a great gift in producing the most superb wine.

Unfortunately we were not able to get the wine imported to Ireland but anyone travelling can carry 5 bottles back. Any Talty family in the USA can avail of discounts if you contact Michael thourgh his website.

Talty Family Roots Project Group facebook Page


Talty Family Roots database is supported by Ancestry Clare resources until further notice.



Many responses to the above Update notification on our Talty Family Project Group facebook page have identified that the following are of interest to many:

T shirts and Sweats with the Talty logo on

Many are interested in the book.

A directory is desireable as many do not use the database or find it hard to follow.

There was not a huge interest in the online course with video etc.

Kilkee records are still delayed due to lack of access to records and public offices still as of 25th Aug 2021.

Notice re Book & Directory

The rewrite of the book is in progress.

It has been decided to offer a number of volumes, each containing general history of the family name and also the history of individual parish. This volume will contain the directory of the family group from this pairsh. For example the ancestors of the people from the paish of Inagh will contain a general family history and also the parish of Inagh with a directory of family originating from that parish.

A book containing the history of all parishes and their related directories would be too cumbersome and expensive.