Talty Family Roots Project

Neart tri Bunseasmhacht

Strength through Perseverance

Talty Family Roots Project

Contains some of the findings of a one name genealogy project on the Talty family name which commenced in 2013. The book explores some findings about the name from a variety of source material, and from the findings of a YDNA project. It was put together for the participants of a Talty Gathering in Co Clare Ireland in 2017. The cover contains the accepted emblem of the Talty name. Purchases of this book contributed to the funding of the gathering costs.

Due to further queries, a small number of these books have been reprinted and are currently available to order.

A local history, which focuses on the function and revival of Irish music and culture in the area of Miltown Malbay (Kilfarboy), Co. Clare, Ireland.

Miltown Malbay is the parish of origin of the Talty name. This book recounts some the people living in the area from 1880-1980 and looks at the transition in a rural area of Ireland from British Rule to Free State. It outlines the efforts made to revive Irish Culture and Music. These efforts have resulted in Irish culture being an integral part of Irish society today, and having world wide recognition. For coherance and chronology it is told through the life of Martin Talty, a local musican and cultural activist.

A book of short stories, in which each story tells of events in the lives of Clare born Talty family individuals. We often assume that people left Ireland due to the famine or economic pressures. This books tells the stories of those who left for a variety of reasons and of some who remained. It is hoped that it will help us all to know better the social & economic conditions our ancestors lived in prior to departure. In some cases we see the equally difficult challengs experienced by our ancestors in their newly adopted country. The stories range from the early 1800's to the 1900's.

This book is due to launch in Feb 2020. Pre orders can be placed now.

Onine Courses on the Talty research findings and history will be coming on stream very soon. Watch out for notifications by email or on this site.